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Funeral Planning or Rituals

Rituals can be created for all the seasons of life's experiences and changes. Rituals support our comings and goings, hellos, goodbyes, hopes and healing. Services, small or large, are actions done in purposeful and peace-filled ways that symbolise something much more than the acts themselves.

Natalie creates rituals made up of actions that represent ideas, thoughts, myths, or beliefs about your loved unique need or person. Giving purpose to action and always serving to connect us to something else, something greater than our own solitary selves.

Rituals can be created for:

Funerals - remembering those we love,

Peri-natal Loss Remembrance Services,

Naming Ceremonies,

Mindfulness Meditation,

Prophetic Worship

and other life experiences.

In conjunction with other therapies and spiritual or religious practices, rituals are used to punctuate our human story, acknowledge new beginnings, or say farewell. Creating person-centred rituals considers the whole person and helps to integrate lived experiences, as well as restore physical and emotional balance and resilience, deeper connection, express faith and/or spirituality.

Call me to discuss your thoughts or needs.

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