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To thoughtfully and creatively explore the mysteries of living
an embodied life with gentleness, curiosity and hope. 

Touching the Surface

Values that matter to me


A generous welcome and openness to people of all cultures,

creeds, communities, all faiths, or none. 



An invitation to enter a felt sense of appreciation for beauty, humanity, and the inspiring qualities within each of us.

Offering care from a universal and infinite field of love and compassion.



Do no harm, serving others with the intent of cultivating

goodness and wholeness that liberates vitality. Gently guiding

the therapeutic process, but never superimposing

methods over what feels right to the client.



Living from a safe and peaceful place within, where

actions, thoughts, and words are congruent with beliefs

and values. Providing space to experience ourselves fully,

not an imitation of what we think we should be.

Believing that knowing ourselves,

IS knowing what we believe in.




Viewing all persons as living, organic systems–

integral wholes composed of parts.

Believing that healing is a process that supports the

disconnected parts of us to attune to a harmonious whole,

recognising and working with the interdependency of all

levels of the human system, including the physical/metabolic, intrapsychic, interpersonal, family, cultural and spiritual.


that support my care 


Mindfulness is a way of settling and yet staying fully awake…

and be a witness to whatever arises in consciousness.

It is spacious, open, non-striving, non-searching, and non-attached.

It is a quieting or lowering of the mind's noise to allow for
more awareness of whatever is occurring. 



Together in mindfulness, through "little experiments", we make discoveries about our processes or how we limit nourishment in life. But beyond doing actual experiments, we want

to maintain an experimental attitude and pay attention to how our responses and demeanour, for example, are causing reactions,

and how our unique experience is being affected by internal and

external stimuli. An experimental attitude allows us to look at everything from this experimental attitude and adjust according to what we see happening, exploring novel experiences and

new ways of being.



Affirming that mind and body states jointly manifest and reflect the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world,

influencing how we experience and express ourselves in life. Offering holistic practices for working with the somatic experience to reveal core beliefs that we unconsciously embody.



Every posture of the body creates an attitude and state of mind.

A simple posture, a comfortable and erect pose,

supports the kind of neutral witnessing and authenticity

that a vital, balanced life merits.

Postural habits reveal perspectives of our self-image and of

what we expect and don't expect from others and life.

Open-posture states open the pathways for innate joy,

creativity, integrity, and resilience. 




Engaging the lived experience with deep questioning,

being comfortable with ambiguity and having a sophisticated understanding of play as the process.

Supporting others to wonder what they care deeply for.

To be experimental with implementing change and

be the reassuring voice when we tried something new,

took a risk, and even failed.



Aspiring to live an embodied example of wholeness and health

(no matter what shape or size a body is, what beliefs we hold,

or what gender we love), through nourishing physical and

spiritual practices that support body-mind-spirit daily.

Cultivating Self-compassion to support self-care, to enhance healing significantly; not just as an exercise to achieve, but to learn to live fully present, within the correct posture

and therefore, the correct perception of self and others. 

Jumping from Swing
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