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Mindful Somatic Therapy 

Emotional support and spiritual care for those encountering life change, new diagnosis, grief and loss, compassion fatigue, burnout, and faith deconstruction through mindful assisted self-discovery.

Natalie companions and supports you when you desire to work through barriers to more meaningful and satisfying living, express your true Self, and discover embodiment, joy, creativity, and play.

Mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy is helpful when we realise that there are inner parts of us affecting our lives that are below the level of our best understanding, intention, and willpower. Sometimes we become aware that the stories we live and tell become variations of the same

habitual themes we have a tough time transcending and can no longer do the work independently.

This sensitive and meaningful body-oriented work is an opportunity to open, soften and ground in a container of receptivity and resilience, enlarging your awareness of your unique needs, expression of life, and ultimate wholeness, and embodying a greater experience of empowered presence, which is a beautiful place from which to live in relationship to Self, others, and the divine. 

With compassionate, creative, and gentle guidance, Natalie introduces you to the power of mindful awareness and felt sense, movement, and creativity and offers a variety of reflective and innovative practices that will allow you to:

Nourish your nervous system

Reconnect with your body
Ground yourself in the present moment

Recalibrate patterns of stress

Widen your ability to tolerate emotional discomfort

Develop a felt sense of resilience

Anchor yourself in self-love 

Create a personalised practice for self-care
Deepen expressions of faith & spirituality as “embodied belief” that promotes liberty, compassion, authenticity, and playfulness. 

Individual sessions are up to 90 minutes, decided at the time of booking. 

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