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Hello, here's a bit of my story...

Arriving here...
Initially training as a fine artist and art educator, after the birth of my children, I answered the call to pastoral ministry in a local faith community, exploring theological theory, leadership, and pastoral care. On leaving this initial pastoral role, I studied Clinical Pastoral Education and Values-based Reflective Practice, which began a decade-long journey in private healthcare as a hospital chaplain. This work unlocked a desire for a deeper understanding of our everyday experiences of life and death, habitual coping behaviours and the "psychology of belief".

Under the guidance of my clinical supervisor in 2012, I began training in mindfulness-based body-centred psychotherapy - The Hakomi Method, additionally completing further professional development in holistic care methods, including Somatic Awareness, Attachment Theory, Character Styles, Trauma-informed Care, Bereavement, Bio-ethics, Healing Arts practice and Bio-energetic Healing, which helped to build a broad therapeutic base for supporting patients and staff in the clinical role. 

​Later, after my own experiences of professional burnout and family bereavement, I discovered the life-changing work of Australian Ken Ware and NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT). From my experience of liberating and healing result from NPT, I completed introductory studies and now hope to further integrate this developing neurophysiological theory into my somatic portfolio. In 2022, I  began studying remedial & therapeutic touch, and biofield medicine to enhance the body-mind connection further, to support clients in reclaiming calm neural states, reduce physical and emotional pain, and grow greater embodied self-awareness. 


Long before pastoral and therapeutic roles, I led studio-based art courses and was in private art practice. I worked as an Art & Design Lecturer and Community Arts Co-Ordinator through the 1990s, a lifetime ago. When not in my home studio or collaborating with private clients, I facilitate individual and group Integrative Reflective Practice in private healthcare, supporting clinical caregivers to integrate somatic awareness for therapeutic outcomes and maintain stability and vitality within professional identity. 

This 30-year journey of experience from the artist to lay-pastor to therapist provides an eclectic therapeutic mix, exploring unique ways to produce greater somatic and interoceptive awareness to calm your aroused neural states and cultivate healthy and life-giving expressions of spirituality.  

Read more about my Beliefs & Spirituality and the Values & Principles that inform my work. 



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