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Peer Consultation & coaching

I love talking about all things spiritual, and over the years, many people have approached me about the role of a Hospital Chaplain, Pastoral Worker, Pastoral Counselor, or Spiritual Caregiver and how spirituality can be utilized within other care frameworks, such as wellness, teaching, allied health, and even parenting. 


Many have questions about religion and its role vs. spiritual expression, theological theories, and even those with no background in formal religion/spiritual expression can desire to work in these caregiving roles and wonder where to begin and how to connect to people in the field. Those already working in spiritual care are often willing to grow in professional identity & boundaries, improve coping, develop new skills, and implement somatic awareness as part of their care 'toolbox'. 

So, whether you are wondering where to begin or discovering ways beyond CPE [clinical pastoral education] or your current care framework, I hope to hold space for you because I've been there. From one caregiver to another, let me journey with you, supporting you to grow and embody your values, principles, and personhood. Learn to be fully present, embodied, and authentic as you support and care for others. 

After many requests for advice and 'pick my brain' sessions, I honoured my time and energy and now offer this unique consultation and service. Formalising and charging for these sessions allow me to show up thoroughly and thoughtfully for you and offer resources and direction where possible. This is not clinical supervision but support for those who work in "non-therapeutic agreement" roles to help you grow, set goals and be accountable for your progress. I guarantee you'll go home with food for thought, increasing self-awareness, new knowledge, and a wide-angle lens of spiritual care. 

*non-therapeutic agreement = carer-initiated support vs. client-initiated support with a therapeutic outcome. 


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