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Support for processing grief on the
Palliative and Bereavement Journey.  


  • Emotional Support 

  • Assisted Self-discovery & life review

  • Relaxation massage for grief states

  • Rituals for Endings & New Beginnings

To grieve is a human experience.


In many traditional cultures, there is an abundance of rituals and wisdom to guide us, but in our modern world, we have lost the art and knowledge of how to grieve. 


Without examples or guidance from others who know our experience, and how to be with our grief, many of us struggle. We may even add more challenges to our experience through habitual patterns or ingrained beliefs that can affect our physical, psychological and emotional health, long into the future.


To make things worse, society quickly forgets our crisis, loss, or need and compassion fades, and if you haven’t "moved on" you can feel very isolated. For many, there is an unspoken timeline that you aren't keeping up with.


Perhaps you are feeling?

  • Overwhelmed with sensations, information and demands. 

  • Forced to suppress your feelings to fit back into your previous life.

  • Isolated, misunderstood or hurried to “get over it.”

  • A disconnection between your mind and body.

  • The need to seek relief with drugs, alcohol, food, exercise, or busyness. 

  • Heartbroken, angry, bitter, depressed, or numb with shock. 

  • Constipated in grief - like you just can't really feel it.

  • Like there's no point "going on".

  • Angry with God, the medicos or family. 

You are invited into a safe presence, where you'll discover a deep understanding of loss and supportive tools to guide you in the new world you have found yourself in; via Mindful Somatic therapies. Learn to be present to feel your feelings, and connect your body and mind with your beliefs and your unique experience. Be accompanied, as you explore your own story and needs. 

Thinking of our body as an ecosystem within us, when we engage the subtlety of how the whole and the parts of this system need to express, we give ourselves energy, resilience, unexpected power, possibility, and courage we may not have known we have.

"Facing grief is not about ending sadness, it is about allowing grief to be present in your mind, body, and soul. Only when we truly stop resisting and avoiding, do we open the door to awakening."- Donna Brooks

In your grief journey, you may travel through different states mentally, emotionally, and in your body, encountering a frozen, and suspended reality. Many states are disoriented and can feel detached from themselves and others. Accepting, modulating, and recognising this experience as part of our response to grief can be a first step. Emotional support and developing an embodiment practice, coupled with the expression of emotions help emotions move and flow, and then find rest. 

With mindful awareness, you will discover the space for ease and gratitude to co-exist with the pain of uncertainty, change, loss and grief.

Begin to:

  • Calm overwhelming thinking and emotional storms

  • Support states of sadness, anger, isolation, regret, doubt, and confusion

  • Cultivate self-awareness, and states of ease 

  • Identify internal and external resources

  • Become more resilient during tough times

  • Keep your nervous system balanced, so it can regulate the lived experience of grief in your body

  • Allow grief and gratitude to coexist

  • Grow in peace, with the presence of grief in your life.

  • Anchor in life-giving beliefs and sense of meaning

  • Utilise Rituals to support this way of being. 

If you or someone close to you has had a recent diagnosis of a life-limiting disease,
or has experienced the loss, please don't hesitate to contact me.


You can start off very gently with a discovery session... email here. 

Let’s see if we are a good fit, Nat xx

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