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"the very nature of emotions is that they are
experiences of feeling in the body"


Touch is like nourishment for the soul, releasing endorphins in the brain that help us feel better.


Trauma-informed relaxation massages for those who are longing for deep rest and a safe environment. Sometimes we just can't switch-off, and need support to calm the roused parts of ourselves. 


This discreet treatment is provided with well-being, emotional resilience, and resourcing in mind. Particularly suitable for those who are struggling with specific states such as grief, anxiety or depression, or who are primary caregivers or work in caregiving roles, and especially when you know you need more than just a nap!

Effective self-care is more than a massage, this unique attuned relaxation therapy is a massage and healing session dedicated to you, to relieve your stress and tension, and bring awareness to how a holistic approach to self-care can bring about positive sustainable changes in the way you live and move in the world. Clients typically feel relaxed and refreshed after a massage and look forward to the next session.


Addressing your stress via massage [and other somatic tools & awareness] will allow you can be more present and grounded in yourself and your relationships, because "you can’t pour from an empty cup", as the saying goes. 

Is this the same as your other bodywork sessions?
No, this treatment is done in a quiet space and with limited dialogue, whereas Restorative Touch is more directed to assisted self-discovery and somatic awareness.


 Sessions are 90 minutes, including biopsychosocial assessment. 

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