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Energy is Everything, including you,
When your energy flows freely,
our life flows easily”


What is Energy?

Energy is everything, including you. When your energy flows freely, your life flows with more ease. Touch is a key to unlocking this state of harmony and well-being.

Touch shapes our reality because we are always in contact with something. It is also a powerful healing and transformation tool. That's why we offer Restorative Touch, a somatic practice that releases physical and emotional tensions. By focusing on healing, we help you become more aware and connected to your body.

What is Restorative Touch?

Restorative Touch is bodywork that goes beyond massage. It involves hands-on touch, bioenergetic medicine, and mindful awareness to guide you into your bodyfulness. Bodyfulness is the ability to feel and understand your body's signals and needs.

Restorative Touch helps you let go of stress and pain and embrace new patterns of well-being. It combines touch and communication to develop interoceptive awareness, which is the awareness of your inner sensations and emotions. It also smooths and repatterns your biofield, the energy field surrounding and influencing your body.

Restorative Touch is based on the belief that intentional touch enhances somatic experiences and supports connection and self-compassion. With this therapy, you increase self-understanding and restore your biofield and psychophysiological capacity.


What are the benefits of Restorative Touch?

Restorative Touch helps you live more fully and authentically. It helps you soften the barriers that cause suffering and allow the natural feelings of "embodied being" to emerge. It also helps you develop emotional resilience, which is the ability to cope with stress, overcome challenges, and bounce back from setbacks. It helps you deepen your experiences and enable positive change.

Restorative Touch is unique in treating states of hypo/hyperarousal due to anxiety, grief, developmental trauma, fatigue, and chronic conditions.


What can I expect from a session?

Sessions are 90 minutes long, including assessment and reflection. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and goals. You will be asked to track your internal bodily experience to help us discover how your body holds and releases tension.

***If you are looking for a Harmony Me Healing session - Intuitive biofield healing, please note this in your booking.

What is bodywork?

Bodywork refers to hands-on techniques that address relaxation, posture, capacity, and function. Bodyworkers learn to influence the body deliberately to obtain physical benefits.

Restorative Touch focuses on stabilizing the nervous system, balancing brain hemisphere dominance, repatterning the biofield and enhancing your innate sense of ease.


Natalie uses a range of modalities to inform this unique treatment:

●     Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

●     Healing Touch Therapy & Bioenergetics

●     Traditional Swedish Massage techniques

●     Bilateral Movements

●     Breathwork Sequence


Restorative Touch uses the bottom-up body process and the top-down cognitive process to help you understand how your thoughts, emotions, and body work together as one organism. It combines hands-on neurobiological-regulating contact with a caring, relational presence.

YOUR needs specifically guide each session, and you will be asked to track your internal bodily experience. This will help us discover how your body holds specific memories, beliefs, patterns and needs. Once we can follow and name the need, we can begin collaborating towards healing.


Your emotional safety, felt sense, and modesty are of the highest consideration. 

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