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&energy medicine

“Energy is Everything, including you,
When your energy flows freely, y
our life flows easily”


Touch defines our sense of reality, we are always touching something. 

This sensitive therapeutic touch is a somatic practice to address physical and emotional tensions. Focusing on a healing intention to cultivate self-awareness and reconnect you with your body's experiences.


This treatment helps you to become aware of what you are holding – physically and emotionally – in your body, as you develop your felt sense ["bodyfulness"], and calibrate the emotional, physical and energetic load. 


Natalie uses hands-on touch, bioenergetic medicine, and mindful awareness to guide you into your bodyfulness, and she calls this work Restorative Touch. It's bodywork!

More than a massage, it includes sensitive understanding, directs self-inquiry, and allows for the safe release of held emotion when required.


Most importantly, when the body is allowed to reveal its truth in the face of non-judgement, it can unwind and let go of stress and pain, calibrating new desirable patterns of psychophysical behaviour to emerge. Using a combination of touch and spoken communication to develop interoceptive awareness, influencing and restoring ease and balance to the mind, body, and spirit.


It is based on the belief that intentional physical contact smoothes and repatterns the biofield and amplifies somatic experiences to support a greater capacity for connection and self-compassion. With this therapy, you increase self-understanding and restore both the biofield and your psychophysiological capacity.


Together, we create an alliance of co-regulation, enabling physical & energetic well-being and a greater felt sense of groundedness in which to re-enter the world.


Restorative Touch helps individuals to soften the barriers that lead to suffering so that they can live more completely and allow the natural feelings of “embodied being” to become a source of satisfaction.


And, most importantly, this method supports the development of emotional resilience.  Allowing you to have more capacity for "feeling your feelings", and build healthy self-awareness and personal spirituality... which is the deepening of experiences that enable refreshing change—helping you recover accuracy, coherence, and positive meaning of the internal perception of your bodily signals while co-regulating into safety.


This mindful somatic approach is unique in treating hypo/ hyperarousal states due to anxiety, grief, developmental trauma, fatigue, and chronic conditions. 


Sessions are 90 minutes, including assessment and reflection post-treatment. 

***If you are specifically looking for a Harmony Me Healing session - Intuitive biofield healing, please note this in your booking.  


What's bodywork, Nat?
"Bodywork" refers to hands-on techniques that address relaxation, body posture, capacity, and function. Bodyworkers typically learn to influence the body to obtain physical benefits deliberately.


This Restorative Touch focuses on stabilising the nervous system, balancing brain hemisphere dominance, repatterning the biofield and allowing the client to become naturally aware of their innate sense of ease.  


Natalie uses a range of modalities to inform this unique treatment:

  • Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

  • Healing Touch Therapy & Bioenergetics

  • Traditional Swedish Massage techniques

  • Bilateral Movements in 

  • Breathwork Sequence

In Restorative Touch, the therapeutic use of the bottom-up body process in conjunction with a top-down invitation to the cognitive self to participate, helps clients understand how their thoughts, emotions, and body function collaboratively as one organism, by combining hands-on neurobiological-regulating contact with caring, relational presence. 


The client's needs specifically guide each session, and you will be asked to track your internal bodily experience. This will help us discover how your body holds specific memories, beliefs, patterns and needs. Once we can follow and name the needs, we can begin collaborating with them.


Your emotional safety felt sense, and modesty is of the highest consideration. 


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