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My Approach

​This integrative holistic care is inclusive of your life story, the body you live in, and your spirituality. It provides person-centred, body-oriented therapy that focuses on your unique needs and goals and moves at the right pace for you.

In today's world, the focus of psychological support often involves retelling the story of our past, though frequently without addressing the physiological imbalances our life leaves in its wake. Yet the body is also a powerful storehouse of unconscious wisdom and can tell us how you live and respond.


This approach is collaborative and experiential as much as possible, utilising mindful awareness, listening, therapeutic movement and touch, creativity, ritual, and reflection to calibrate all the parts of you. 

Mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology, poly-vagal theory, and incarnational theology, all within trauma-informed care, highly influence Nat's approach. These systems of knowing our humanity helps us better understand ourselves in response to life and its stressors, inviting us to be more self-aware, grounded, and clear-minded and live with ease. 

This work's values of Non-Violence and Hospitality were embedded through significant years of working in private healthcare as a hospital chaplain, training in Hakomi Psychotherapy and integrating principles of care into work and life experience. Working from embodied values & within principles requires respect, sensitivity, and presence, which naturally leads to encountering meaningful experiences (and often spiritual experiences), bringing a solid foundation of curiosity and vulnerability. 


Spirituality, faith, beliefs, and world views are intrinsically personal. Nat's experience in clinical pastoral practice covered an extensive range of philosophical and theological perspectives. She accesses those understandings to hold your spirituality and beliefs in the highest esteem.  


Do you have to be spiritual, religious, or 'believe' to access care? No, people of all faiths and none are welcome. 

Additionally, Natalie provides Somatic-informed Spiritual Care workshops, integrative reflective practice experiences and supervision for clinical and non-clinical caregivers, wellness providers, and industry and education professionals

Natalie is a registered member of the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education Western Australia, the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, Healing Touch Western Australia, and the Australian Foundation of Healing Touch. She values collaborative care with individuals, healthcare and clinical professionals, wellness providers, educators, and those working in organisational leadership. 


Natalie welcomes all who desire greater awareness and understanding of the body's response to grief, loss, life stressors, and change.



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