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reflective supervision

For: pastoral, healthcare and wellness professionals, education and organisational leadership;
with a particular interest in Somatic-informed Spiritual Care.




Natalie has completed the Advanced training course in Professional Supervision with
Supervision WA and is listed in their professional directory here.

Poetry Reading

"Henry Miller once said, 'The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.' 


In reflective supervision, my methodology embraces this philosophy of the present moment and mindful awareness. It is deeply rooted in cultivating meaningful relationships and nurturing your professional growth, creating a safe space for transformative conversations to grow. 


As a supervisor, I bring authenticity, understanding, and warmth to every interaction, guided by my training in reflective practice, advanced supervision, clinical pastoral care, and mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy. I am committed to helping you explore your core values and beliefs, fostering alignment between your professional identity and personhood, and aligning with your ethical standards. This process enhances your self-awareness, self-compassion, and a spirit of curiosity, where we work towards strengthening professional competence through practical guidance, resource sharing, and mindfulness-based somatic practices.

Mindfulness is our guiding principle, allowing us to access our bodies' innate wisdom, transcending verbal communication limitations. This approach leads to profound insights and transformative experiences, integrating a mindful, body-oriented approach within the professional context. Our shared journey addresses work-related challenges, case studies, and trauma-informed, culturally responsive care. I emphasise establishing healthy boundaries and fostering professional competence, cultural empathy, and mutual understanding.

I provide supervision services across multiple fields, including spiritual and pastoral caregiving, healthcare, allied health, wellness, industry, and education. I tailor individual sessions and facilitate small-group supervision to strengthen teamwork and enhance client outcomes.


My areas of professional interest are not limited to but span themes such as: 
safeguarding against professional burnout

posture and perception in the professional stance
somatic-informed approaches to spiritual care
wellness professionals working under non-therapeutic agreements

the oncology treatment journey and palliative care

exploring Polyvagal Theory and behaviour change in education and management

supporting FIFO workers as they experience extreme environments and separation from home. 


If you seek transformative professional growth and a self-discovery journey, I invite you to take the next step with me. We will explore your professional experience and discover your innate sense of ease and well-being. Remembering your impulse for care and this career journey you've chosen (or has chosen you!). 


Please email me to schedule a first session. 

supervision rates: $140 - 60 mins 


Pink Gradient

Natalie has been a highly supportive, nurturing, professional and safe reference for me to let go and understand my [nervous] system at a deeper level. She has enabled me to navigate this space safely, which has led to instilling boundaries and enhancing my language and communication around my needs and wants. I feel much lighter, in control, at peace and content with what I have; I do not need to please, address or impress based on old behaviour patterns.


NeuroPhysics Therapist - NSW

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