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advanced reflective supervision

What is Supervision?
Reflective Supervision is a type of supervision that involves an intentional and safe professional relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee, cultivating a  space for transformative conversations, where both the supervisor and the supervisee can learn and grow from each other.


With warmth, positive regard, sensitivity, and authenticity the supervisor assists you in enhancing your professional development and practice through a process of deep listening and reflection; supporting you to explore past experiences, navigate current challenges, and envision future goals in relation to your work with the people you serve.


The aim of reflective supervision is to develop mindful awareness, your reflexive capacity and promote well-being and effectiveness in your role, nurturing the commitment to comprehensive care to those you care for, and for the flourishing of professional teams.

Poetry Reading


My approach to reflective supervision is deeply relational, promoting growth and development for supervisees. Drawing from training in advanced supervision, clinical pastoral practice, and mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy, I create a safe and supportive environment rooted in trust and mutual respect.

I encourage supervisees to explore their values and beliefs, aligning their practice with authenticity and ethical principles and together, we foster self-awareness, self-compassion, and curiosity, enhancing professional competence. I provide practical guidance, resources, and mindfulness-based techniques, helping supervisees manage stress, prevent burnout, and develop resilience.


Customised and personalised supervision promotes professional identity and personal well-being, helping supervisees understand their responses under stress and manage emotions to prevent burnout. Utilising mindfulness as a guiding principle, we notice the body's wisdom beyond words. I support supervisees in exploring this wisdom for meaningful insights and transformations, integrating a mindful, body-oriented approach to self-understanding within their professional role. I also advocate for holding an experimental attitude, creativity, and non-violence in supervision.


In this collaborative journey, we address work-related challenges, explore case studies, trauma-informed and culturally responsive care, and the importance of boundaries. This approach promotes competence, cultural empathy mutual understanding, understanding of systems and ultimately enriching your working experience


Supervisory Offerings:

- Individual supervision for spiritual and pastoral caregiving, healthcare, allied health, wellness, and education.
- Small group supervision to strengthen teamwork, professional competency, and client outcomes.


Special Interests:

- Professional Burnout safeguarding
- Somatic-informed Spiritual Care

- Wellness Professionals and those utilising Non-therapeutic agreement 
- Perinatal care and bereavement 
- Oncology Treatment Journey and Palliative Care
- Polyvagal Theory applied to education settings

- Separation themes in FIFO workers

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