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If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked, "What church do you represent?"... 


In private practice, this is a no 'woo-woo' zone, and my beliefs are not the focus; supporting others as they explore how their expression of life, beliefs or faith or life meaning informs how they live in the world and their relationship with themselves and with others is. 


For me, belief is like a never-ending dance in which we discover a melody and often a partner to dance with. In one intimate, rhythmic and flowing dance of life, we experience all the notes- the highs & the lows, helping us keep the tempo as we listen intentionally for the tune. 


Whatever thoughts, beliefs, and philosophies you hold, we can explore where barriers exist, identify your life's meaning, and find hope and purpose where there is none. Sometimes we all need a new language and ways of being to re-discover our innate vitality and the ability to be fully present through whatever life holds. 

​Religious Identity: 

I have a personal faith in the non-violent Christian tradition and have partnered with a range of denominational faith communities since childhood conversion to the protestant tradition. I am not currently affiliated with any religious denomination or community faith group. 



I wholeheartedly believe in Original Goodness.

We are all worthy of love and belonging regardless of gender, sexuality, culture, religion, social heritage, or myths.


The Imago Dei [image of God] in us far outweighs any limits our human experience holds.

Life holds mysteries, 'magic', beauty _and_ sufferings, things both seen and unseen. There's not always a 'plan' for something. 


We live within eternal and biological cycles of regeneration and resurrection. [Letting go of the old and going through stages of unknowing before we can move to levels of awareness, greater capacity, or new growth].


Doubt and conviction are correlative terms; people of great conviction often suffer significant doubt because they continue to grow.

All beings desire to be seen, held kindly, and loved.


Who I will be is deeply related to who you are. What hurts you hurts me. What heals you heals me. 

The felt presence and genuine understanding of another being bearing witness to our journey permits all that is whole and Holy to emerge in us,

and that, I believe, is healing. 

"May we all one-day surrender to the weight of being healed".

my spirituality

My spirituality is the lens of my worldview and a way of living

based on the belief that: 
There is more to life than what meets the senses,
more to the universe than just purposeless mechanics,

more to consciousness than electrical impulses in the brain, and more to existence than just a body and its needs. 

Living out my spirituality has been a journey towards greater embodiment, clarity of mind, authenticity, and creative expression. The most profound spiritual experience I have had wasn't in a church, at work or even watching a sunset, but in 2018, through NeuroPhysics Therapy. I discovered a tangible way in which my physical posture directly influenced my sense of perception.


I discovered that: "It is my body first that experiences the world, not just my mind processing all experiences".

All the dots suddenly connected -
faith, belief, body, knowledge, spirituality, and emotions!

I was no longer just a head full of stories and beliefs but learnt that my body (no matter its shape or size) was equally important in the spiritual equation within which I viewed the world, myself & ultimately God.


Maybe this was something that I knew in theory, but discovering it as experience, blew my mind! I learnt:  

When my posture is askew, 
so is my perception, and therefore, 

the way I view myself, others, and my God. 


Posture and energy states impact my perception of everything I experience. 

My  impulse towards happiness, liberty, playfulness,
courage, vulnerability, compassion, composure and all the highest values of life; are the rightful and automatic
outcome of a correct posture, both inside & out,
and this I believe is embodied living!

These days, I devote time to my spirituality through contemplative and mindfulness practices, creativity,

(primarily through the process of SoulCollage),

and slow resilience-building bi-lateral movement. 


I recognise that the levels, layers, and stages

at which spirituality grows and transforms are different for each of us. We are all continually invited into an organic expression of spirituality [a dance]. We invite others to grow in theirs as we embrace our unique expression.​ 

And in 2021, I fell in love with a dog, which has definitely been a God thing!

Please read more about my VALUES & PRINCIPLES.

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