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Mindful Somatic therapy 

Emotional support and spiritual care for those encountering life change, new diagnosis, grief and loss, compassion fatigue, burnout, and faith deconstruction through Mindful Assisted Self-discovery.

Natalie companions and supports you when you desire to work through barriers to more meaningful and satisfying living, express your true Self, and discover embodiment, joy, creativity, and play.

Mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy is helpful when we realise that there are inner parts of us affecting our lives that are below the level of our best understanding, intention, and willpower. Sometimes we become aware that the stories we live and tell become variations on the same

habitual themes we have a tough time transcending and can no longer do the work independently.

This sensitive and meaningful work is an opportunity to open, soften and ground in a container of receptivity and resilience, enlarging your awareness of your unique needs, expression of life, and ultimate wholeness, and embodying a greater experience of empowered presence, which is a beautiful place from which to live in relationship to Self, others, and the divine. 

With compassionate, creative, and gentle guidance, Natalie introduces you to the power of mindful awareness and felt sense, movement, and creativity and offers a variety of reflective and innovative practices that will allow you to:

Nourish your nervous system

Reconnect with your body
Ground yourself in the present moment

Recalibrate patterns of stress

Widen your ability to tolerate emotional discomfort

Develop a felt sense of resilience

Anchor yourself in self-love 

Create a personalised practice for self-care
Deepen expressions of faith & spirituality as “embodied belief” that promotes liberty, compassion, authenticity, and playfulness. 


restorative Touch

Sensitive touch & gentle massage as a somatic approach which addresses physical tension and focuses on a restorative healing intention to cultivate self-awareness, reconnect with body experiences. Helping you to become aware of what you are holding – physically and emotionally – in your body. When the body is allowed to reveal its truth in a space of non-judgement, it can relax and let go of stress and pain.


This approach uses a combination of touch and verbal communication to influence and restore ease and balance to the mind, body, and spirit. It is based on the belief that intentional physical contact strengthens somatic and interceptive awareness to support greater capacity for connection and self-compassion. With this treatment, the body's energy levels become smooth and balanced; you increase self-awareness. Those receiving this treatment discover a deep state of calm. Together, we create a partnership of co-regulation, enabling physical & energetic wellbeing and a greater felt sense of groundedness in which to re-enter the world.


Restorative Touch helps individuals to soften the barriers in their life so that they can live more fully, and the natural feelings of “embodied being” can become a source of joy. Supporting the development of emotional resourcing, allowing you to have more significant self-awareness and capacity for "feeling your feelings", which is the deepening of emotional experiences to enable refreshing change. Helping you recover accuracy, coherence, and positive meaning of the internal perception of your bodily signals, while co-regulating into safety.


This mindful somatic approach is unique to treating hypo/hyperarousal states due to anxiety, grief, trauma, fatigue, and chronic conditions. 

Sessions are 90 minutes in total, including assessment and reflection post-treatment. 

"Bodywork" refers to hands-on techniques that address relaxation, body posture, and function. Bodyworkers learn to influence the body to obtain physical benefits deliberately. Natalie uses a range of modalities to inform this unique treatment:

  • Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

  • Healing Touch Bioenergetics

  • Traditional Swedish Massage techniques

  • Bilateral movements

  • Breathwork Sequences

The therapeutic use of bottom-up touch and bodywork in conjunction with a top-down invitation to the cognitive self to participate helps clients understand how their thoughts, emotions, and body function collaboratively as one organism, by combining a hands-on neurobiological regulating contact with a caring, relational presence. 


The client's needs guide each session at that time, and you will be asked to track your internal bodily experience. This will help us discover how your body holds specific memories, beliefs and needs. Once we can follow and name the needs, we can begin to work with them. Your emotional safety, felt sense, and modesty is of the highest consideration. 

Image by Toa Heftiba