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restorative practices for healing

Mindful Somatic therapy 

Emotional support and spiritual care for those encountering life change, new diagnosis, grief and loss, compassion fatigue, burnout, and faith deconstruction through Mindful Assisted Self-discovery.

Natalie companions and supports you when you desire to work through barriers to more meaningful and satisfying living, express your true Self, and discover embodiment, joy, creativity, and play.

Mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy is helpful when we realise that there are inner parts of us affecting our lives that are below the level of our best understanding, intention, and willpower. Sometimes we become aware that the stories we live and tell become variations of the same habitual themes we have a tough time transcending and can no longer do the work independently.


Guiding support for processing grief
via i
ndividual support for the Palliative and Bereavement Journey.  


*Emotional support & Spiritual Care

*Assisted Self-discovery
herapeutic touch for grief

*rituals for endings & new beginnings

To grieve is a very human experience. In many traditional cultures, there is an abundance of rituals and wisdom to guide us, but in our modern world, many have lost the art and knowledge of how to grieve either for the loss of a loved one or for the anticipation of a life-ending. 

Often without guidance from others who know our experience, and how to be with our grief, many struggle through days. We may even find ourselves adding more challenges with habitual patterns or beliefs that can affect our physical and emotional health, our spirituality & beliefs and our relationships.


To make things worse, society quickly forgets our experience and loss, compassion can fade, and if you haven’t "moved on" you can feel deeply isolated in your experience.  For many, there is an unspoken grief timeline that you are failing to keep up with.

"Facing grief is not about ending sadness, it is about allowing grief to be present in your mind, body, and soul. Only when we truly stop resisting and avoiding, do we open the door to awakening."- Donna Brooks

You can hold positive self-intent, enjoy a full life, and still experience grief. You can feel contentment, even as you are suffering. Our grief does not have to look a certain way.


With a safe space for your experience to be held and witnessed, using somatic resourcing or even therapeutic touch, you can find your own way through, supported by a caring and respectful therapist. With mindful awareness, you can discover an internal sense of ease, gratitude, memory and love where your experience and hopes can co-exist with the pain of loss and grief.


 restorative touch

Touch defines our sense of reality,

we are always touching something

Sensitive therapeutic touch is a somatic technique to address physical and emotional tensions.


Focusing on a restorative healing intention to cultivate self-awareness, and reconnect with body experiences, this treatment helps you to become aware of what you are holding – physically and emotionally – in your body, as you develop your sense of bodyfulness.


Natalie utilises hands-on somatic techniques and mindful awareness to guide you into your bodyfulness, and she calls this Restorative Touch. It's bodywork! More than a massage, it includes sensitive awareness, directs self-inquiry, and allows for the safe release of held emotion if needed.  When the body is allowed to reveal its truth in the face of non-judgement, it can relax and let go of stress and pain.

Massage for Deep Rest & Relaxation

"the very nature of emotions is that they are
experiences of feeling in the body"


Touch is like nourishment for the soul, releasing endorphins in the brain that help us feel better.


This treatment is a Trauma-informed Relaxation Massage for those who are longing for deep rest and a safe environment.


Sometimes we just can't switch off and need support to calm the roused parts of ourselves. This discreet treatment is provided with well-being, emotional resilience, and resourcing in mind.


Particularly suitable for those who are struggling with specific states such as grief, anxiety or depression, or who are primary caregivers or work in caregiving roles, and especially when you know you need more than just a nap!

Head Massage
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