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Welcome to a place where you can explore new possibilities of healing and growth through trauma-informed, mindfulness-based care. 


Nat offers sensitive support to help you connect with your
body's innate wisdom, utilising somatic awareness,
therapeutic touch, and integrative practices.


She understands that you are unique in your life perspective,
values, faith, beliefs, and experiences, and she will listen to you
with an open heart and an empathetic ear.


She is here to help you find your answers at a pace that feels right for you.


Natalie recognises that we all hold a desire to heal and live in peace,

and she welcomes you to this space with open arms.

Image by Suhyeon Choi

Companion, Guide & Facilitator


Natalie's work has developed from a genuine interest and curiosity in all people and a belief that the healing process brings transformation for a more significant whole-hearted life. 


The essence of her care is committed to creating a safe space where you feel supported to make discoveries while encountering sensitive understanding, emotional resourcing, and tools to overcome life's difficulties. 

Specialty offerings
Reconnect with your whole self, nourish your nervous system,
and ground yourself in the present moment. 

If this sounds like you, you've found the right place.


  • You're looking for someone to support you through a life difficulty, or have been through a significant life change or illness, experienced grief, loss of community, or maybe burnout or faith deconstruction, and am now looking for sensitive care that's more than just talk-based therapy.


  • Or perhaps you have a sound footing in life but desire to grow more capacity for pleasure, understand your barriers and develop more healthy relationships, particularly with yourself and your body.


  • You want to learn how your body holds and responds to stress, becoming balanced as you express yourself more fully, releasing anxiety or apprehension

  • You are a primary carer or work in a caregiving role. You desire more 'space' to develop effective and meaningful self-care that promotes your well-being and resilience as you care for others—longevity, not intensity. 

  • You're looking for someone who understands religious faith and spiritual themes, who can help you see what you can no longer, to have confidence in you when you've lost yours, and to support you when you don't know how to hold long-held beliefs anymore.

About you

You desire personal change want to understand your body's response to stress, and are willing to explore
*new ways of being. 

You'd like to be more secure and quiet your inner critic.

You're ready to get back on track in life, find your ease in everyday living, and

You're prepared to do the sensitive work of fully understanding all the parts of yourself, your life expression, spirituality, and just how your experiences have shaped ALL of you.

What you're looking for

  • A Trauma-informed, body-mind therapist you can relate to and find an empathetic connection with, who understands grief and loss and speaks your language. 

  • A safe space where you can explore your experience, needs, values, thoughts, and beliefs. 

  • Discover new ways to respond to stress, move forward, discover meaning, and manage your posture, perceptions and energy.

  • Seek a deeper understanding of yourself, others, your environment and the Divine rather than quick fixes or substitutes, learning to live in your body with greater ease, hope, and joy. 

"Working in the present moment, I support you to develop a curious, compassionate, and embodied listening presence. This spacious presence allows the psycho-biological impact of early developmental & relational trauma, grief and significant life changes to be witnessed, felt, and calibrated.


As we experience this within a safe therapeutic relationship, our most authentic and essential selves unfold, transforming our present-day relationships with ourselves, each other, and our world.
We discover our innate sense of ease, widening our capacity for change and discovering a solid & and grounded posture that promotes an authentic expression of creativity, compassion and hope."

Located fifteen minutes south of Perth near
Cockburn Central, Natalie respectfully acknowledges the original owners of the land she lives and works on,
the Nyungar people of Beeliar Boodja. Who long ago, now and in the future care for country, with a continuing connection to land, waters and culture and Nat pays her respects to the Elders, past, present, and emerging.

Natalie also shares her home-based studio space with
domestic pets, so you may hear them announcing your arrival,
but they are not allowed in work areas
(Unless you need a little puppy therapy!). 

Image by Darius Bashar
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