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Group Reflective Practice

Through intentional and creative reflection on care provision, and the lived somatic experience, future practice can be more focused, fulfilling, and meaningful, for both the cared for and the carer. Teams learn to be fully present to Self and other, cultivating vulnerability and courage. Discovering "what brought them here...?"

Reflective Practice can help teams to:

Uncover new information – by intentional reflection and sharing ideas with others, individuals’ memories can be explored, and new learning about experience, along with more refined insights can emerge.

Limit biases – a thorough and critical discussion about information (impressions and data) means it is cross-checked and we can point out when we feel an issue has been represented inaccurately.

Build a clear picture of a situation/ event/process and reach consensus – by discussing the lived experience, contradictions, and gaps these can be understood and insight can be gained.

Ensure attuned, meaningful action – joint analysis can reveal the themes and causes of problems and solutions, leading to better planning, education and outcomes.

Identify good practices – by examining what has worked well and reflecting on why and how, we can build up an in-depth understanding of embodied therapeutic identity and good practice.

Facilitate cummunity identity that has broad ownership – the more people that understand the impluse to care and nature of the work and its competing issues, the more this can motivate people to invest in both professional and personal growth, and make change happen that benefits the client and carer both, and aligns to organisational vision and care frameworks.

Sessions and themes are customised for your team.

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