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Individual Support

Natalie has developed the capacity to support and guide others in a way that honours one’s innate beliefs, life expression, and natural pace and rhythm, whilst gently inviting a deeper exploration and inquiry into one’s lived experience.

Companioning and support for you, when you desire to work through barriers to more meaningful and satisfying living, express your true self, discover embodiment, joy, creativity, and play.

Emotional support and spiritual care are helpful when life's changes are affecting us and those we love. Sometimes we become aware that the stories we live and tell repeat themselves and we have a tough time transcending them and can no longer do the work on our own.

This sensitive and meaningful work is an opportunity to open, soften and ground in a container of receptivity and resilience, enlarging your awareness of your unique needs, expression of life and ultimate wholeness. Embodying a greater experience of empowered presence, which is a wonderful place from which to live in relationship to self, others and the divine.

Potential Benefits of Mindful-Somatic Psychotherapy based the Hakomi Method.

Hakomi therapy might help people achieve lasting changes in their self-perceptions, relationships, and behaviors. It uses experiments in mindfulness and the therapist’s insights to discover and recontextualize a client’s limiting beliefs. Hakomi therapy aims to help people achieve growth through awareness of the core material that shapes their beliefs, emotions, and conscious experiences. When clients experience self-discovery and understand the origins of this core material, they can uproot any trauma-based motivations.2 This state of self-transformation fosters awareness of new ways to experience everyday life and make positive changes.

Longer sessions are available as Assisted Self- Discovery, providing deepening inquirey through movement, arts practice and values based reflection.

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