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Palliative Support

As a Palliative Journey Companion [non-medical role], I provide emotional support to assist the dying and those around them to have their end of life unfold in alignment with their wishes, to preserve quality of life, well-being, and self-worth up to and beyond the end of life as we know it.

Having developed experience in hospital environments in end-of-life support, I am an “informed companion” bringing comfort, support, compassion, and assist a person and their family in feeling safe and supported during this important transition.

Working with the dying, respecting their wishes as they approach the end of life, I provide non-clinical support based on individual needs. The services offered will differ for every person but may include:

Support for emotional, social, and spiritual concerns -

Companioning you, listening, reflecting on your concerns, and discussing options. Facilitating conversations with others and support for discussing your plans with those around you.

Life Journey Review -

Recording your life journey through written word, media, or creative art practices.

Life Celebration, Ritual or Funeral Planning -

Exploring what you want before or after you die.

Helping to create an event that fulfils all your wishes.

Bedside Vigil -

When loved ones are a distance away, or those around them need support to do this.

Counselling and grief support -

Acknowledging emotions and experiences related to losing independence, prospect of dying, quality of life, and other issues.

Referral to other appropriate services as required.

Natalie's experience at the bedside in clinical chaplaincy informs her care. Using skills such as attuned listening, empathy, reflection, therapeutic support for existential themes.

Available for scheduled visits or after hours.

Please note:

I do not perform any clinical tasks:

I will never perform a clinical or medical task.

I will not diagnose medical conditions or give medical advice.

I do not make decisions for you:

I am here to help you, to find non-biased information, to talk through options, offer referrals and support you to make your own informed decision.

I do this without prejudice or judgment.

I do not speak to the staff on your behalf:

I can help you, I can be with you, but I will never speak for you or without you present.

I do not project any of my own beliefs onto your situation.

I do not knowingly participate in any intentional ending of life:

I will not knowingly participate in any physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia practices.

I will not participate in any burial outside of statutory requirements.

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