Restorative Touch

A combination of gentle energy-based touch & massage that focuses on compassionate and restorative healing intention towards the client to provide deep relaxation and cultivate wellbeing. This approach uses a combination of touch and energy to influence and restore ease and balance to the mind, body and spirit, based on the premise that the human body is surrounded by an energy field and contains energy centers that control the energy flow from the energy field to the physical body; and that intentional physical touch strengthens somatic and interoceptive awareness to support greater capacity for connection and self-compassion.

In receiving this hands-on treatment, the body's energy levels become smooth and balanced, you increase in blood and lymph circulation, and it enhances the relaxation and normalisation of soft tissue (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments), which quiets your nervous system and relaxes deeper connective tissues. Many times, those receiving this treatment discover a deep state of calm. Together, we create a partnership of co-regulation, enabling physical, emotional & energetic wellbeing and a greater felt sense of groundedness in which to re-enter the world.

Restorative Touch supports the development of emotional resourcing, allowing you to have more significant self-awareness and capacity for "feeling your feelings", which is the deepening of emotional experiences to enable restorative change. Helping you recover accuracy, coherence, and positive meaning of the internal perception of your bodily signals, while co-regulating into safety.

This mindful somatic bodywork approach is unique to treating hypo/hyperarousal states due to anxiety, grief, trauma, fatigue, and chronic conditions.

Sessions are 90 minutes in total, including assessment and reflection post-treatment.

The term "bodywork" refers to hands-on techniques that address relaxation, body posture, and function. Bodyworkers learn to influence the body to obtain physical benefits deliberately.

Natalie uses a range of modalities to inform this unique treatment:

  • Mindful Somatic Therapy

  • Healing Touch Bioenergetics

  • Traditional Swedish Massage techniques

  • Bilateral movement [informed via NeuroPhysics therapy principles]

  • Breathwork Sequences

The therapeutic use of bottom-up touch and bodywork in conjunction with a top-down invitation to the cognitive self to participate helps clients understand how their thoughts, emotions, and body function collaboratively as one organism, by combining a hands-on neurobiological regulating contact, together with a caring relational presence.

Each session is guided by the client's needs at that time, and you will be asked to track your internal bodily experience. This will help us discover how your body holds certain memories, beliefs and needs. Once we can track and name these experiences, we can begin to collaborate with them. Your emotional safety, felt sense and modesty are of the highest consideration.